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Hello Android! This website is being born. Visit the Apps by 8D8 Apps page on Android Market.

The first application, which was to test the application building & publishing process, is the Children's Learning Games application. It is a very, very simple application aimed at helping parents to teach their kids.

Another application was just launched! Rap Beats is an application with professional rap beats that a person can add their own lyrics to. There is also a professional paid version! Rap Beats Pro has over 125 beats to rap to.

The latest launched is Drunk Test which uses a device's orientation sensors to make a circle based on the tilt (roll & pitch) of a device. The user is supposed to try to hold the device as flat & steady as possible and a message will display how well they are doing. The circle will get larger the more they tilt the phone. Another similar app is Lie Test.

Are you bored? Find some Cool Things to do Nearby! It will find things that you are interested in near your current location.

Contact me at Adam.Cox9@gmail.com with any questions or comments

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